Proenza Schouler’s New PS1: American Graffiti

Saint Laurent Jacket, Proenza Schouler Bag, J Brand Jeans, Balmain Shoes, Fallon Necklace

I never thought the day would come when my old self would be back in fashion again. I rocked an outfit very similar to this when I was in high school (except my leather biker jacket was not Saint Laurent; it was probably Contempo Casuals, as were my acid-wash jeans). So I’m feeling a little nostalgic at the moment. Pointy white stilettos were so my thing back then, and now I’m so glad they’re back! Especially in Balmain form (on Luisa via Roma for $967), topped with an angular metal heel. And I would have traded every single sticker in my Hello Kitty/My Melody collection for this Proenza Schouler PS1 graffiti bag (at Barneys New York for $2,375). This latest edition is my all-time favorite out of all the PS1 incarnations (and you know how many there are!). Even over the exotic versions.

Let this masterpiece own the spotlight, and keep it cool and simple with J Brand’s skinny jeans in distressed gray (at Barneys New York for $214). Then add a blast of biker-luxe with Hedi Slimane’s rad investment jacket (on Net-a-Porter for $5,290). Finish it all off with Dana Lorenz’s FALLON biker choker (on Shopbop for $325), and it’s 1987 all over again for me.

Proenza Schouler’s New PS1

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The Many Bags of Vanessa Hudgens

The Many Bags of Vanessa Hudgens

If you like weird pop culture things, you’re probably eagerly anticipating the release of Spring Breakers, a film directed by Harmony Korine that stars people as varied as Disney princess Selena Gomez and Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane (in his cinematic debut, no less). I happen to love weird pop culture things, so to celebrate the film, we’re going to take a look at the handbag collection of Vanessa Hudgens, who plays one of Gomez’s debauched friends in film. If you like fringe, you’re in the right place.

Vanessa’s personal style is pretty much All Coachella, All The Time; when left to her own devices, she generally looks like she’d rather be sitting in the California desert and listening to some live music than doing whatever it is she’s actually doing at the time. I can’t say I identify with it personally, but if you’ve got a bit of hippie chick in you, this one’s going to be right up your alley.

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Snob Quiz: Guess the Celeb

Snob Quiz

Which celeb recently rocked this gorgeous black and white Stella McCartney clutch and chic Dior shoes on the red carpet? I love that the bag’s marbled style is such a refreshing take on spring’s ubiquitous monochromatic trend. Before you sneak a peek at its owner on the jump page, I’ll give you a little clue – the hard case minaudiere with its bold, gold kiss-lock clasp stole the show in the hands of one of my favorite actresses. Okay, jump if you’re completely stumped!

If you guessed Kirsten Dunst, you’re a total snob! For an almost all-black look, her movie premiere style was far from basic. The actress always strikes the right chord, but the wide leather belt on her sleek black Proenza Schouler dress amped up the volume to just the right daring decibel.

Snob Quiz

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This Dax Gabler tote will cure your python boredom

This Dax Gabler tote will cure your python boredom

If having too much of a good thing is truly possible, then I think I’ve had a little too much python lately. Because of strong markets for ulta-premium accessories, exotics are having something of a golden era at the moment, and although that’s yielded a lot of utterly lust-worthy handbags, its also yielded a lot of stuff that all sort of looks the same. Expensive, but not inventive. All it took to cure my snakeskin ennui, though, was one look at the Dax Gabler Python Shoulder Tote. A friend sent me a link to this bag yesterday, and talk about an afternoon pick-me-up.

Color-shifting (holographic, multichrome, iridescent, whatever you want to call them) finishes are a big trend this year, but this python treatment manages to keep my eyes totally interesting without ever actually changing color. The way the python incorporates blue, turquoise and lime green gives the impression of a momentary shift, but in reality, they’re all solid. Insets of black, along with the black trim, give the ultra-saturated snakeskin just enough balance.

On top of the brilliant color and texture, this is a bag that you can actually use. It’s big enough to be carried to work, and the rubberized metal bales at each gusset indicate that it also comes with a shoulder strap. The definition of “form meets function.” Of course, perhaps we should expect this from the brand; it’s run by Devi Kroell, who left her eponymous line of exotic handbags in 2010. Don’t dig the blue? The bag also comes in yellow or orange, all for a relatively reasonable (for a large python bag) $2,890 via Dax Gabler.

Dax Gabler Shoulder Python Tote Orange
Dax Gabler Shoulder Python Tote Yellow

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The Gold Rush: Blindingly Bright

Top 5 Metallic Bags

Store your subtle metallics for another season. Summer’s motto is the brighter (and yes, the gaudier), the better. Complementing your sunny glow (whether it’s from the actual sun or a bottle), shiny designs will look their finest. But what else will their glimmer go with? Why a matching gold necklace of course! Bronzed babes never leave home without one. Aurelie Bidermann has just the right collar (at Barneys New York for $1,310) to get a real chokehold on the summer style.

Stella McCartney Pembridge Braided Crossbody Bag: The braiding on this Pembridge is spring break ready, but with the bag’s structured shape, it’s also oddly grown-up. At Neiman Marcus for $1,335.

Serpui Marie Barbarella Minaudiere: For those wild summer nights out, all you’ll need is this little Brazilian bombshell. On Shopbop for $146.30 (from $209).

Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi Small Shoulder Bag: Jerome has cinched the gold standard in suede, creating a bag that’s both high-shine and sumptuous. Carry it on your shoulder or a slouchy clutch. At Barneys New York for $605.

Rochas Borsa Zigzag Leather Tote: A sandy, shimmering tote fit for a trip to the beach, but also restrained enough to carry at home. On Shopbop for $1,245.

3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Minute Bag: Phillip Lim’s cracked gold helped bring back my love of textured leather. The metallic coating is so shiny it even matches the hardware! At Barneys New York for $650.

Top 5 Metallic Bags

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Chanel Sample Sale

Have your heart set on a timeless quilted Chanel bag? But not looking to spend full price and scared of shopping the Chanel bags on eBay? Great news, over at online sample sale site, Rue La La, they’re featuring the luxe brand by “A Second Chance Resale” Timeless blazers, classic bags, showstopping jewelry and more. […]

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Nancy Gonzalez at Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour Tomorrow!

Nancy Gonzalez at Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour Tomorrow!

The lovely Nancy and Santiago Gonzalez will be at Saks Fifth Avenue in Bal Harbour tomorrow March 14th from 3 to 5 pm! Nancy will be front and center on the floor with tons of one-of-a-kind trunk show wonders. The orange Cristina bag (named after Nancy’s daughter, who will also be there!) is the most vibrant of the bunch, but there’s no shortage of exciting details on the others. With its clear vinyl florals, the black laser cut tote is begging to be taken to some sandy shores where it can sit watch while you sip mai tais and bathe in warm waters. Then there’s the lemon yellow colorblocked top handle, perfectly ladylike until you spot its scintillating stingray closure. But the blue striped tote is what’s calling to me. Crocodile, python, and lizard? This isn’t just mixing and matching colors – it’s mixing and matching species and no one other than Nancy could pull it off so seamlessly. I’m in Puerto Rico on a post-Fashion Month vaca so I won’t be there, but Miami Snobs, be sure to snap up all of those pieces before I come back and do it myself! Or if you’re far away like I am, head on over to the Saks website to browse more of Nancy’s croc creations.

Nancy Gonzalez at Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour Tomorrow!

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Candice Swanepoel and her Chloe bag get swarmed at LAX

Candice Swanepoel and her Chloe bag get swarmed at LAX

Here’s Victoria Secret Angel and generalized supermodel Candice Swanepoel, trying to dodge a few overly friendly advances from fans and paparazzos while carrying a beige Chloe Sally Bag at the airport in LA. Nice try, Candice – you can do your best to keep a low profile by wearing designer shades and a beanie, but you’re still a gorgeous super model who people can spot from a mile away. Currently, the closest variation of the Sally available online is this smaller, highlighter hued version in “Orange Fizz”, available for $1,695 at Nordstrom.

The Sally has been around for several seasons now; in fact, we first started talking about it here on PurseBlog in 2009! It’s very possible this bag is nearing the end of its shelf life, so if you love it, snatch one up soon!

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Clearance at The OUTNET

The Outnet Clearance SaleLadies, start your engines. As many of you likely already know, THE OUTNET is a great deal everyday – the site discounts an incredible array of designer clothes, shoes and handbags, no special sale or coupon required. Because of that, it’s especially exciting when THE OUTNET has a sale, because the discounts are coming on top of things that have already been marked down significantly, which means you can get some awesome pieces for an absolute sale. THE OUTNET’s clearance just launched at 11 a.m., and with prices up to 85% off retail, you’re going to want to get to shopping as quickly as possible.


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The Louis Vuitton Monceau BB: An updated version of a lovely LV classic

The Louis Vuitton Monceau BB: An updated version of a lovely LV classic

The best things about Louis Vuitton, in my view, are the sheer volume of handbag designs the company produces every season and the enormous leather goods history on which Vuitton has to draw. For the Louis Vuitton Monceau BB, new for Spring 2013, both of those uniquely Vuitton elements come in to play; the result is a beautiful, modern take on an old favorite. The bag bears no resemblance to the heavily Damier-covered runway bags for the collection, which will likely be a welcome development for many Vuitton customers.

The Monceau BB is a miniaturized version of a design that first came out in 1986. The new bag is eight inches wide, which makes it just big enough to hold warm-weather essentials, and although the original was made from monogram canvas, this version comes in both durable Epi leather and gleaming, monogram-less vernis. The limited branding on both versions jibes well with reports that Louis Vuitton is looking to emphasize leathers instead of monogram and damier canvases in order to keep up with the increasing sophistications of customers, particularly in emerging Asian markets.

The bag itself will likely look familiar, even to those who aren’t familiar with the original bag from the 80s. Lots of designs (most recently the Loeffler Randall Rider), have used the shape as inspiration for new designs during the school-satchel trend, first spurred by the Proenza Schouler PS1 several years ago. In light of all that, it only makes sense that Louis Vuitton would choose now to bring the bag back; in this miniaturized form, it’s particularly perfect for the warm weather ahead.

The Epi leather version is $1,550, while the vernis bag is $1,720, both via Louis Vuitton. For all the colors in which the bag’s available, check out the gallery below.

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