Buti Pink Embossed Leather Buckled Satchel

Buti Pink Embossed Leather Buckled Satchel
A versatile everyday accessory satchel bag by Buti is made of soft calf leather, center square belt-style buckle in silver polished metal, easy-access closure, front straps and detachable shoulder leather straps. Inside organizes all your travel essentials in immaculate style with 3 roomy compartments. Includes dust bag. Made in Italy.

Kooba Canvas Tracy Tote

Kooba Canvas Tracy Tote
What’s this I see? Why it’s a Kooba Tracy Tote! But wait, something is different here. This new version of the Tracy Tote is not made of leather, but canvas instead. Intriguing!

When I normally think of Kooba bags, I think of soft and thick leather. However, with Summer being just around the corner, you may not be wanting to carry around a hefty leather bag. With that in mind, this new canvas version of the Kooba Tracy Tote seems so much more season-appropriate. Plus it is available in some fun, bright colors. Personally, I like the idea of taking a classic design (the Tracy Tote has been around for some time) and putting a slightly different spin on it. Just think, a beach tote that doesn’t look like a beach tote. Oh the possibilities!
Star Style Kooba Canvas Tracy Tote
The Kooba Canvas Tracy Tote is just like the original version, measuring 17.5″ x 12.5″ x 4″. It is currently available in Navy or Pink, with each color featuring its own contrasting color trim. And the really good news? This bag retails for only $275! Cheap for Kooba!

Find it at Shop Bloomingdales.com.

The Chat: Kooba Tracy

Tulah Ray Bag Sample Sale Online (april 6)

tulah ray
New York based handbag line Tulah Ray, by designer Flora Ong, is teaming up with online sample sale site HauteLook for a blow out sale!

Need to know:
The date of this sale is set for Monday April 6th, 8: am PST / 11: am EST. And you are going to want to be there early, these fabulous bags are going to sell out fast!

The price range of the Tulah Ray handbag collection is about approximately $350 – $700, but for a limited time, only at hautelook on the 6th, these bags will be featured for up to 65% off..

Such a sweet deal!

Runway Spring Pick: Marni Grape Slouchy Shoulder Bag

marni grape bag
I am loving anything with bright bold colors for Spring, including the Slouchy Shoulder Bag by Marni which I totally adore at the moment. It’s the kind of handbag I typically wouldn’t carry, as I tend to stick to neutral and boring handbags instead. I just can’t help but admit how flirty and fun this piece looks.

In handbags, I admire any with soft smooshy leather on them, the slouchier they come, the better! Just take a look at the texture of the leather found on this Marni, it’s as if it were made out of Play-Dough or something. Its crescent shaped design is playful; dress this up with cute summer dresses or pair this with your favorite pair of denim jeans.
Runway Marni Slouchy Shoulder Bag
Like most Marni accessories, this is cheerful, eye-catching and looks like a great year round piece. Found on this shoulder bag is silver toned hardware, a turn lock fastening at the top of the single handle, and a large zip top opening. This measures in at 14” x 9” x 6” and currently carries a four digit price tag of $1,410. Ladies what’s your input on this Marni, do you like this?

You can find Marni goods and accessories at: NET-A-PORTER.COM
Marni Slouchy Shoulder Bag
The Chat: Marni Grape

Katherine Kwei Handbag Online Sample Sale (april 1)

Katherine Kwei Handbag Online Sample Sale (april 1)
Handbag designer Katherine Kwei is teaming up with online sample sale site Gilt Groupe tomorrow Wednesday April 1st!

Innovative design, exceptional quality and a deep reverence for Chinese tradition are the foundations for designer Katherine Kwei’s aesthetic philosophy. After working in PR for esteemed fashion house Louis Vuitton, Kwei went on to pursue a degree in accessories design, graduating with an M.A in Design and Technology for Accessories from the prestigious London College of Fashion. While in London she worked with bespoke floral appliqué handbag designer Susannah Hunter, as well as the trendy Billy Bag company. After moving to New York, Kwei completed an internship with Zac Posen and ultimately launched an eponymous line of her own in 2007. Luxurious and refined, Kwei’s snakeskin, calfskin, and goat suede bags are routinely seen on the arms of A-List starlets like Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria and Rachel Weisz as well as features in prestigious publications like People and Vogue UK. Katherine Kwei’s stylish satchels are available at Saks Fifth Avenue, high-end boutiques across the country and now, Gilt Groupe.

An Italian Leather Handbag: Finding The One For You

If you want a great handbag to add to your wardrobe, then an Italian leather handbag is an excellent choice. If you were looking for a leather tote bag, you would spend some time in considering the options so as to be sure to select the right one. The same goes for your choice of Italian leather handbag. Fortunately, there are some great retailers you can check out, and you should be able to find the right bag for you.

Italian Leather Handbags from Pierotucci

One retailer name worth remembering if you love handbags is Pierotucci. They select their handbags extremely carefully so as to ensure that they only sell bags of the highest quality and in the best styles. Every Italian leather handbag sold by Pierotucci was hand made by craftsmen in Florence, and comes to you direct from the factory.

Pierotucci have a large range of Italian leather handbags for you to choose from, and their selection is always begin updated, which means you can keep on checking back with them to see what new styles they have to offer.

Italian Leather Handbags from Moda Italian Purses

This is a company which sells beautiful Italian leather handbags over the internet, and their selection is well worth a look.

People everywhere who are interested in fashion have always considered Italian leather handbags to be the best in style and quality. As well as handbags, you can also purchase luggage, laptop cases, messenger bags, backpacks, briefcases and other items from this company.

Italian Leather Handbags from Totes and Bags

Totes and Bags is another company worth a look. You can select a handbag from their site which coordinates with the fabric and color of each outfit, and their products are all of high quality. They also offer personalized service and aim to ensure that you are supplied with a durable, quality handbag which is also a high fashion item.

If you choose one which is in a good color and style, then your quality Italian leather handbag will be certain to be one of your basic wardrobe items, which will set off any outfit you might wear. Each of the retailers mentioned above would be an excellent choice of a place to search for the right Italian leather handbag (perhaps a leather tote bag too!) for you.

Take your time in looking around for the handbag you want to buy, and you might even decide that you want to buy one or two others as well as an elegant and chic Italian leather handbag, so that you can be certain to have a bag which will go with anything you wear.

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Burberry Raffia Patchwork Shopper

Burberry Raffia Shopper
When I get a new bag, I look forward to breaking it in with wear. I also stay cautious of stains, scratches, and water; I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. I own a particular Coach bag that I used for quite some time a couple of years ago, and being made of white cotton, it was simply a dirt magnet. I ignored the flaws of stains and dirt, but pretty soon, I realized it was time to retire it. Nobody wants to carry a bag that looks beyond used or ancient, but over at the House of Burberry, they obviously have a different outlook.

Meet the Burberry Raffia Shopper. It’s distressed, deconstructed, and made of textured raffia swatches. At first, I thought it was reptile skin swatches, but instead, it appears to be small weaves of leather. I admire the artistic concept of the shopper, but other than that, I won’t be running to any Burberry shop to grab this piece. As a brand new bag it already appears in bad condition, I can only imagine how it would look with age. Ladies what’s your input on this Burberry, do you like this?
Burberry Raffia Pathwork Shopper
For $1,395 you can grab this Burberry via: Nordstroms

The Chat: Raffia BURBERRY

Francesco Biasia online Sample Sale (march 31)

Francesco Biasia online Sample Sale (march 31)
Going on now: Francesco Biasia handbags are marked up to 60% off retail, for a limited time only over at online sample sale site RueLaLa.

The sale is going to end a little over a day, but you better stop off as soon as possible, if you’re in the mood to save that is. The bags are going fast.

Little taste of what’s there, for all you Biasia Lovers:
“Lillian” Straw Satchel – $119 (orig $238)
“Good Girl” Square Bag – $199 (orig $475)
“Dana” Patent Satchel – $199 (orig $475)
“Lea” Leather Shoulder Bag – $249 (orig $595)
“Marie” Leather Oversized Satchel – $229 (orig $520)

Dolce & Gabbana Waikiki Jenna Shoulder Bag

Dolce & Gabbana Waikiki Jenna Shoulder Bag
Above, you might see the latest designer handbag for spring 09’, but what I really see a life jacket. Seriously, can you guys see the resemblance? The silhouette of the bag which appears to be inflatable, the rounded collar opening, the adjustable drawstrings detail?! I say Dolce & Gabbana got their inspiration for this piece while they were boating around somewhere. The Waikiki Jenna Shoulder bag is indeed an awkward looking bag, and definitely not your typical tote bag. I’m curious on how you’d wear this piece, unfortunately, Nordstrom (dot com) didn’t include modeling pics. Clearly the detachable strap is worn over the shoulder, but what about the giant opening up front, is it meant for the crook of the arm, or can it fit on the shoulder? Whatever the case, it does seem pretty comfy.

More bag details includes a magnetic closure, supple D&G leather, and an amazing 20” x 20” x 4” dimensions. You can find the Waikiki Jenna bag in fun florescent colors of pink and light green. Personally, I’m not feeling the style as it’s too out of the ordinary for me, but this seems like the perfect bag for the trendy Fashionista whose in search of something new and fun.

Shop D&G goods and accessories at: Nordstrom

The Chat: D&G Waikiki

Cynthia Rowley Handbag Sample Sale Online (April 3)

Cynthia Rowley Handbag Sample Sale Online (April 3)
A Cynthia Rowley sample sale coming to you!

HauteLook just posted their next up-and-coming handbag sample sale will be one by C.R., that is expected to kick off this Friday April 3rd at 8: am PST / 11: am EST.

Expect up to 65% off.

To get a little idea of what bags will be at the sale, log on to hautelook and watch the video.

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