Update from the PurseBlog Team

Update from the PurseBlog Team

Earlier this week, the PurseBlog Team along with over a third of our country was and continues to be affected by the devastating Superstorm Sandy. We fared extremely well and feel very lucky, but others are still struggling. We are working hard to get PurseBlog back to normal, but in the meanwhile we wanted to check on all of our readers. We hope you and your family and friends are ok.

The devastation this storm has caused is widespread and overwhelming, with many left without power, losing their homes and the awful loss of lives. There are great organizations, like the Red Cross, in place to help people out that were affected by Superstorm Sandy, so please help if you can or a simple gesture like reaching out to those in need is massively helpful. We have been thinking of everyone affected, please let us know how you are doing in the comments below.

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Kelly Rutherford juggles pooch, coffee, and Hermes Evelyne

Kelly Rutherford juggles pooch, coffee, and Hermes Evelyne

And now, here’s an adorable little something to get your mind off this increasingly frustrating Frankenstorm aftermath. Gossip Girl‘s Kelly Rutherford was recently spotted balancing a teensy Maltese on top of her Hermes Evelyne bag – though from the looks of it, he could’ve fit neatly inside. (It’s a well known fact among toy dog owners that toy breeds love to go for walks…but hate walking.)

Kelly is seen wearing her Etoupe Evelyne cross-body style here – which is the perfect way to style it when you’re motoring across town with a cup of joe and puppy in tow. Fun fact: Rutherford’s son is actually named Hermes. She claims he’s named after the Greek God, and not the designer, but her ridiculous brand loyalty says otherwise.

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Top 5 Bags of Tricks: No Treats Here

Etro, Antik Batik, Marc by Marc Jacobs, See by Chloé, Patricia Al'Kary Bags

You’ve heard of costume jewelry – and probably have some gorgeous pieces in your box – but costume bags? That’s another issue entirely! In honor of Halloween, I’ve assembled a group of the spookiest tricks to shock…or at least raise an eyebrow or two. Who needs a costume when your bag does the character dressing for you?

1. Etro Paisley Hunting PVC Top-Handle: Ever dreamed of being distinguished English huntsman? Me neither. But this paisley-printed bag has the stodgy attitude and fox-sniffing pups to get you there.
On Luisa via Roma for $900.

2. Antik Batik Cabas Embroidered Shoulder BagI’ll concede there might be a bit of bohemian in every snob, but a fringe-hording, tapestry-crazed gypsy? It takes a special (and scary) bag to bring that out in you.
On Luisa via Roma for $320.

3. See by Chloé Joy Rider Padded Shell Shoulder BagPuffy down jackets and dollops of stuffed-animal fluff might not be on your winter shopping list, but you get both courtesy of this sporty bag. The combo is enough to send chills down your spine.
On Net-a-Porter for $195.

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Belmont Melly Mini Mixed-Media SatchelI’m all for the snake-embossed mini-flap and pebbled leather, but – what do we have here? – a chic bag posing as a woodsy bunny rabbit. Bugs and I both say, “No, thanks.”
At Saks Fifth Avenue for $428.

5. Patricia Al’Kary “Al-Kary” Limit.Ed Leather Bag“Glamorous porcupine” might be a difficult costume to execute with success, but this limited-edition (thank god) bag will out-prick the best of them.
On Luisa via Roma for $3,653.

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Bag Battles: The Mulberry Zigzag Bag

Bag Battles: The Mulberry Zigzag Bag

Megs and I have had our eyes on the Mulberry Zigzag bag ever since it came down the runway in several sizes and colors back in February, and now that it’s available at retail, we have some deciding to do. Namely, which version is the best? Are they all best? Does the definition of the word “best” inherently preclude them from all being best? These are the questions of our times.

For expediency’s sake, we’ve narrowed it down to just two versions of the Zigzag: the medium black one with multicolor studs and the large ivory one with tonal studs. At first, my instincts told me to go with the black version. It’s very similar in color composition and feel to my beloved Proenza Schouler PS1, and I carry that bag pretty much every day – I don’t know what could be a better endorsement. On top of that, I love the use of multicolor studs; instead of a flat textile or painted leather, enameled studs on a contrasting leather color create a three-dimensional pattern of sorts, particularly when used in a repetitive manner across a bag like these are. Pretty good, right?

But what of the bag’s lovely, slightly larger, significantly paler sister? The tonal leather and enameled studs feel cleaner to me, more modern. The bag feels even a tad futuristic, like it was made entirely out of some kind of space-age ceramic. I’d never, ever advise wearing it with dark denim (the color transfer!), but if you’re prone to clothing that won’t rub dye, I’d definitely choose the white version. Which one do you prefer?

Mulberry Medium Zigzag Bag

$2750 via Net-a-Porter

Bag Battles: The Mulberry Zigzag Bag Mulberry Medium Zigzag

Mulberry Large Zigzag Bag

$3150 via Net-a-Porter

Bag Battles: The Mulberry Zigzag Bag Mulberry Large Zigzag

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Top 5 Halloween Treats: Tasty Delights

Jimmy Choo, Fendi, Victoria Beckham, Jason Wu, Bottega Veneta Bags

With all the ghastly ghouls roaming around out there tonight, there’s enough scariness going on for one day. I’m countering it with a choice selection of bags yummier than a grocery-aisle’s worth of Halloween candy. Ask any snob, and you’ll get the same answer: she’d rather have a fun bag than a fun-size chocolate any day. Well, almost any day…Happy Halloween!

1. Fendi Fendilicious Metallic Patent Leather ClutchFendilicious is the perfect name for this netted clutch that brings to mind satin pillowcases, decadent bonbons, and all the finer things in life.
At Saks Fifth Avenue for $890.

2. Victoria Beckham Leather Shoulder BagLemondrops, please! Who needs a shot at the bar when you have a shot of color so hot it needs a nude shoulder-strap to tone it down? I’m already tipsy.
On Net-a-Porter for $1,250.

3. Jimmy Choo + Rob Pruitt Cayla Embellished Patent-Leather Clutch: Rainbow sprinkles and Italian ices may seem juvenile; that is, until you eye them on your almost-edible clutch.
On Net-a-Porter for $1,350.

4. Bottega Veneta Hand-Painted Waxed Leather ClutchI love anything wrapped in gold foil, but a Bottega trimmed in hand-done gold paint is simply irresistible. This is a royal pairing deserving of a red carpet.
On Net-a-Porter for $1,400.

5. Jason Wu Karlie Embellished Satin Box ClutchGoody gumdrops! I mean, how can this Rococo-inspired sensation of cobalt stones and pink satin not give you a sugar rush? Without the guilty conscience afterwards.
At Saks Fifth Avenue for $2,195.

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Happy Halloween ~ Spooky Bags!

Happy Halloween everybody!!!! Today is the day that happens only once a year, HALLOWEEN! Whether you like to dress up or treat it like any other day, here are a few of my favorite Halloween-ish inspired handbags that I absolutely love. Halloween-ish Category: Zombie-inspired Jun Takahashi Brain Bag Halloween-ish Category: Furry Stella McCartney Falabella Furry, […]

Penelope Cruz: Flying Flamenco

Penelope Cruz carries Loewe's Flamenco bag

As a globetrotting celeb, Penelope Cruz knows that it’s best to keep it casual when running around airports. More power to women who can rock 6” heels and short dresses when traveling, but I just can’t get behind it! My flight style is like Penelope’s – loose-fitting and warm clothes. The Pan Am glamour-puss days of air travel are over. Flight attendants don’t wear those tight, little skirts and hats anymore, do they? So, while you certainly don’t have to go frumpy when traveling, there’s no need to make an already arduous process harder.

Penelope’s tweed jacket (lined with fur for the requisite freezing plane temps!), fitted jeans, and Isabel Marant kicks are not unlike the essentials in my own travel uniform. For convenience, another must-have is a crossbody carrier. Her Flamenco bag from Loewe adds just a touch of whimsy to her otherwise understated look. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the shape when I first saw it (too unstructured), but when I tried it on for size, the softness of it won me over. My favorite colors for a chic toned-down look like Penelope’s are stone and blue, but now that the Flamenco comes in ostrich skin, the violet version is the one to get. Exotics like these take the laid-back look to new heights! Inquire at Loewe.

Loewe Flamenco Bag

Loewe Flamenco Bag

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Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote

My dream bag is the Hermès “Birkin” bag. I would imagine it’s on most fashionista’s wish list because the bag is drop dead gorgeous. I remember Sex and the City dedicated an episode to the stunning bag. Samantha wanted one and did not want to be put on the waiting list to get one. She […]

Oprah pairs Celine with fuzzy slippers

Oprah pairs Celine with fuzzy slippers

Proof positive that extreme wealth and power make one blithely immune to criticism or self censure – Oprah took to the streets of NYC Thursday evening donning fuzzy green frog slippers, and wielding a beige Celine Luggage Tote, which we can only hope contained a pair of real shoes. The slippers later made an appearance during her Friday morning “Good Morning America” hosting gig.

We’re all for comfort, Oprah, but walking around NYC in slippers is just a degree or two more hygienic than walking around barefoot. Don’t stick those frogs under a blue light anytime soon. Oprah goes head-to-head with J.Lo this week in a battle for overly casual celeb eminence! Who was the most stylishly under-dressed?

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Getting into Character: The 5 Essentials for Gloria Pritchett

Gloria from Modern Family Five Essentials

Gloria is one of my all-time favorite characters on TV. I feel a special kinship with her, if merely because I am constantly shouting at my hubby, “I HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS!” If only I had her sexy Colombian accent, too! As Jay’s feisty Latin wife, Gloria loves to have fun, and one of her favorite ways to express that is through fashion. Unapologetically seductive (skin-tight clothing, even into pregnancy!), Gloria accessorizes with only the most attention-getting bags. I mean, this is a woman who wore 6” heels to Disneyland! It might not have worked out so well, but you have to admire her guts. And throughout all of this, she’s a kick-ass mom. If you were born in the murder capital of Colombia, you would be fierce, too!

Valentino Leopard Rockstud Tote

Valentino Rockstud Calf Hair New Tote Bag: Leopard and studs for days when she volunteers at Manny’s school? Why not?! This tote is spacious enough to hold all of the PTA essentials, while still leaving room for your beauty must-haves.

Louis Vuitton Suitcase

Louis Vuitton Alzer 70: Practicality is not in Gloria’s vocabulary. But fabulosity is a daily concern. The classic LV monogram on this iconic Alzer hardside is sure to catch everyone’s eyes.

Christian Louboutin Shoulder Bag

Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Small Printed Python Shoulder Bag: Gloria is Colombian, so she’s not afraid of color or print! This hand-painted Louboutin python bag pretty much says it all. Even the bow is embellished with gold hardware!

 Lanvin Tote

Lanvin 10th Anniversary Appliquéd Brushed Satin Tote: Bejeweled and sequined?! Sign her up! This whimsical bag showcases the brand’s famous face in honor of Albert’s 10th year with the fashion house.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Clutch

Marc by Marc Jacobs Keatie Neon Leather Clutch: This neon clutch looks like a Barbie accessory. And don’t we all secretly want the famous doll’s look? This would be perfect for date nights with Jay! Gloria loves pink and gold. ‘Nuff said.

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